Brown Girl Crystal Clear

Mini Double Terminated Points (1pc)

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Double point (terminated) crystals absorb and emit energy from both ends.  They support balance and remind us that the transference of energy is give and take.  Perfect for crystal grids, wands, and jewelry.

Dream Amethyst also known as Chevron Amethyst is a powerful stone that connects to the third eye.  As stated in the name, Dream Amethyst assists in vivid dream recall and intuitive guidance.  It promotes restful sleep, enhances psychic abilities and sparks creativity.

Clear Quartz is a one of the most common stones available.  It's versatility makes it one of the most powerful stones in any collection.  Clear Quartz magnifies the energy of other crystals and on it's own promotes clarity, personal growth, and focus.

Sodalite is a great stone that activates the throat chakra. It supports communicating feelings effectively, improves active listening skills, and boosts creativity.  Sodalite also increases wisdom, and helps with dispelling fear.

Red Jasper is a beautifully red stone that connects to the root chakra.  It supports honesty,  physical strength, and heightened sexual energy.  Red jasper also aids in astral travel, dream recall, and a strong grounding stone.

Black Obsidian is a stone of protection and cleansing.  Black obsidian absorbs the negative energy in your auric field and provides protection against psychic attacks and negative energies.  It connects to the root chakra, ground you to the earth while boosting your self-awareness

Rose Quartz is a beautifully soothing stone that supports unconditional love, universal love, and confidence.  Fully activating the heart chakra, Rose Quartz encourages forgiveness, fortifies relationships, and repels negativity.

Green Adventurine connects to the heart chakra.  It's energy attracts abundance into your life and releases negative emotions.  Green Adventurine promotes personal growth, confidence, balance, and the letting go of past pains.

Tiger's eye inspires confidence, empowerment, and courage.  Once aligned with your personal energies, Tiger's eye will provide grounding and protective energy, increase awareness, and relieve fear or worries.

Howlite activates the crown chakra supporting mental clarity and boosted awareness.  It relieves stress, dissipates feelings of anger, and helps the mind focus during meditation.

Picture Jasper connects with the root chakra providing protective and grounding energy.  Protection is provided in both the physical and spiritual realms, it assist in dissolving negativity, and can be helpful in overcoming addictions.  Picture Jasper has been been known to assist with the process of buying or selling a home.